We are here for you and the welfare of your umpiring.

Below is my experience level but as you know anybody can have lots of experience in whatever they do, that’s not as important as knowing how to communicate that experience to you.  

Is that person a good teacher/instructor?  I started instructing umpires in 1990 and I’ve worked very hard on developing a style that is not only simple and easy to understand but also fun at times.   

Why do you a need a little fun?  Because quite frankly some of this stuff can bore the heck out of you.  Fun keeps it flowing better.   So below is not a “brag”, it’s just to give you the confidence to know, your teacher knows his stuff!


What: UmpireTeacher.com – started in 2009

Where: Florida-MN-Las Vegas

Why: To help Amateur Baseball Umpires who are truly sincere about wanting to be the best umpire they can be by studying Professional umpire training techniques designed specifically for amateur umpires.

Who: Bugsy Segal
Years of umpiring experience: 36 years
Professional Minor League ball: 3 1/2 years – 500 games
Youth ball: 6 years
JV & Varsity High School ball: 30 years
College ball: 8 years
Mens Amateur ball: 30 years

Training/Instructor/Umpire Teacher experience:
1989 to present – over 25 years
Levels taught: College D3 through D1, High School, Mens Amateur and Youth

Nationwide Umpire Camp: The Mike Segal Professional Florida Umpire Camp – 1989-1991
Clinics: several clinics produced and directed by Bugsy in Florida and Minnesota – over 50 clinics

Baseball Umpire Training DVDs produced from 2009 to 2013 – 16 DVDs – 99% Satisfaction as per our umpire customers.

BugsyNation-subscription Membership site for online Umpire training – 2008 through May 2014 – 99% Satisfaction as per customers. May 1, 2014 – now called UmpireNation.com

“My goal and dream is, for every amateur umpire to learn to umpire THE RIGHT WAY and to get a fair shot with their umpire association or group because of their top notch training.” ~Bugsy~