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We offer the Following:

  • the only Official Professional 1 Umpire System
  • 2 Man System
  • Simplified 3 Man System
  • Teach you the correct way to call Balks-what to call and what not to call
  • Beginning Strike Zone
  • Advanced Strike Zone
  • Videos on the “Big Rules” – Obstruction, Interference, Catcher’s Interference, Foul Tip and Infield Fly Rule

We offer you the best and most realistic training there is for baseball umpires; specifically for High School, JV high school and all levels of youth baseball including but not limited to house ball, Traveling leagues, Babe Ruth, Cal Ripken and Little League.  AND for you guys who are striving to become a College level umpire and/or a College umpire who wants to become even better, our training applies to you too!

We offer the only “Official” Professional 1 Umpire System.

2. What will it do for you? Our training will give you a proper foundation.  You will know what to do when you walk on the field.  It will take all the guessing out of your “game”.  Officiating creates a lot of second guessing, our training and videos will take all the second guessing out of it for you.

If you’re a veteran umpire, our training will take you to the next level of expertise umpiring.

Now is the time to become a member!  Don’t wait till you have a bad season.  Don’t wait till it’s too late because some self-trained umpire gives you bad advice.  Now is the time to join!