Bases loaded, 1 out. The batter hits a soft ground ball to F1. F1 plays against the batter at first, who is put out. R1 is nearly to 2B, but realizes R2 never left. R3 scores, R1 retreats to 1B, as R2 stays on 2B. Are R1 and R2 legally allowed to return to their...

Update: 2021 RIABUA COVID-19 Guidelines for Umpires

2021 RIABUA COVID-19 Guidelines for Umpires RIABUA has issued the following coronavirus safety guidance for umpires for the start of the 2021 season. RIABUA will review and update these guidelines as needed during the season based on the most current medical data and...


Rules Question 8-8-2019: The batter, seeing a curve-ball is running inside toward him, literally stands still and does not move in the box, allowing the ball to hit him. Do you award first base? Please cite your rule set!


8-5-19 Rules Question of the WEEK: The batter checks his swing. The plate umpire calls “ball.” The catcher asks him to appeal to the base umpire and PU refuses, because BU is in C position. Is he within his rights?

The Psychology of Umpiring

The Psychology of Umpiring   While a great deal of becoming a successful umpire and a good umpire is related directly to knowledge of rules, positioning, mechanics, and timing, too many umps do not understand the proper psychology they should use on the field....
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